Monday, April 21, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008


last night, we went to the LA premiere of björk's new video for the song wanderlust -and it was short entirely in 3D. personally, i am quite a fan of anything 3D - pop-up books, imax films, and the like (not to mention the awesome 80's style 3D glasses that you can tuck away into your purse and sport as a fashion accessory).

i've even seen "sea monsters of the deep" in 3D, and let me tell you... i never thought i could be so terrified by IMAGES of sea monsters. they looked incredibly real. incrediby frightening.

so can you imagine being immersed in THIS world:

watch the preview (in 2D, sorry) here:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ebay = the new

we've been having quite an exciting couple of weeks in the e-mail department. cara received a nice letter from cynthia rowley, thanking her for mentioning her bicycle on our blog. then we get this in our inbox:

Hello ladies.
I am SO into your ebay bizz. I think there is no better combo than the Aquarius and Virgo for any ebay purposes
(note: cara is a virgo and i am an aquarius). My aquarian friend and I made nice profits together.

I saw you guys were looking for a place in Silverlake. My brother bought a home 2 years ago in silverlake, he let me get the apartment upstairs. I am real lucky kid.

I would LOVE to meet up sometime for drinks on me. I am a white 25/male. I am looking for brand new friends.

well, judging from the detailed information he knew about us and our lives, i am assuming that he reads this blog. so here's to you, mr. anonymous ebay dater! A/S/L/pic??

aside from that, things have been quiet on our parts. we only have a few things up for sale:

click here to shop!

new auctions will be up over the weekend. and lastly...

so if you are a cute girl living in the southern california area and are interested in being our newest model/muse/kate moss, please send an e-mail to with some pictures or a link to your myspace/facebook/flickr. pays $50 per day!

thanks! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going Green

As a kid, having a bike was imperative for hanging out with your friends as you played in the park and/or made the short ride down to your local Thrifty's (before it was Rite-Aid) to get a scoop of rainbow sherbet. My first bicycle was neon purple with hot pink, geometrically shaped graphics decorating its frame (what can I say - it was the early 90s). It came complete with a white, woven plastic basket attached to the front in which I could stash all of my childhood necessities (Tree Top juiceboxes, My Little Ponys, etcetera). Irita says that her first bicycle had a radio (?!) and that it was the envy of all the neighborhood children. I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing!

My, how far bicycles have come since then.

Chanel recently unveiled its own bicycle as part of its S/S '08 collection. The brand isn't the first to branch into fashion bikes (Armani did the same in his S/S '06 men's collection), but it has been getting a lot of press as of late. Perhaps it is because of the approximate $12,500 price tag..? Although the black & white bicycle is covered with Chanel's signature quilted leather and the rear wheel is flanked by two saddlebags which resemble the brand's iconic 2.55 handbag (which are generally priced around $2,000 each), I would still like to see a little more, you know? Maybe if it were, I don't know, jewel encrusted or had pedals of platinum it would make more sense to me. And in all honesty, who is really going to travel around on a bicycle that's worth as much as a small car? I mean, I guess you could use it to traverse from one end to another of your private $5 million mansion, but besides that it just seems like a blatant invitation to be stolen as you park it on the sidewalk and wait in line for your $5 Starbucks venti/nonfat/extra hot/sugar free vanilla latte.

Cynthia Rowley also designed a bicycle for her S/S '08 collection. Rowley's beach cruiser version can be acquired for a mere $650. It comes with two, brown leather, satchel bags attached above the back wheel and the buyer is given the choice of either a pink, blue, or green frame which is scattered with calico like flowers. However, where the Chanel bike oozes class and sophistication (I can imagine Karl himself cruising down the street - shades, fingerless gloves, and all), the Cynthia Rowley version seems a bit, well, shabby chic.