Monday, December 24, 2007

den lille havfrue

i'd like to close up shop. move to weeki wachee springs, florida. and make a living as a mermaid.

would you come with me?

i'd like to go back in time to my childhood, so my father can build me that treehouse he'd always promised.

the cold war is over

the air has turned from the crispness of autumn into the cold bite of winter. and who knows this weather better than siberia? this winter i am drawing my inspirations from...

colors: deep cranberry, peacock blue, peacock green, royal purple, byzantine gold

clothes: fur coats, capes, tapestry and carpet prints, brocades, metallics, thick wool cable tights, boots

hair and makeup: rosy cheeks, ringlets, fur hats

drinks of choice: absinthe & vodka

so for now...

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Monday, April 30, 2007

the most frightening vintage seller on ebay!

her clothes are okay... but the pictures are creepy!

well, at least it's a great way to conceal your real identity and avoid ebay stalkers!

p.s. i wonder where she got all the different masks!

the ebay regret post

the following are a list of items that i forgot to or never bid on from ebay, and then shortly afterwards regretted it so much that i saved their pictures into a file on my computer which i will now show you. feel free to share your own tales of ebay pain and regret.

category 1: crazy seller sets price too high/crazy bidder raises price too high

rare chanel record purse which i think went for $800+. i know it's rare. but i can't live without it.

humongous bakelite heart necklace that had a starting price of $100.

paul frank collaboration with artist mark ryden, sold out and now only available on ebay. for $200+.

SWEET vintage mondrian boots from the 60's (the seller said his mom was a go-go dancer). they were $150 but in retrospect i should have bought them!

chuck taylor-inspired chanel sneakers. these went for $150+ i think? it's not a bad price but more than i want to spend for tennis shoes (i never wear them).

vintage polka dot dress. like 98% of mama stone's items, this went for like $100+.

authentic vintage lolita sunglasses (not the fake kind that urban outfitters sells for $18 each), went for $30. and i ended up paying $30 for heart sunglasses at topshop anyway.

category 2: does not fit/will not fit no matter how much i justify it in my mind
this category only usually applies to shoes or dresses that are so tiny that they will not fit humans. with larger dresses and things i can usually find a way to tailor them.

i think these vintage lightning bolt heels were an 8.5? i am a 7. too much of a difference for me to pad.

vintage red and white bow peep toe wedges. size 5. i think more people had small feet back then?

chanel meets cinderella! i think these were a size 9.

vintage piano-shaped music/jewelry box that would never have been able to house my massive jewelry collection.

category 3: borderline ugly/what the hell would i wear this to or with?

fluffy vintage kitten sweater! so ugly but so cute!

so ugly they are AMAZING. christian louboutin daisy wedges.

vintage yellow flower dress. very, very yellow.

vintage rainbow flats. they look like a smoggy, southern california sunset.

if i were shrinkle i could pull this off, but sadly i am not. vintage heart dolly dress.

vintage puff sleeve blouse with TEDDY BEARS on it! the five year-old in me was very excited.

kind of cute, the picture on the right is supposed to be the back. i wish i knew what it looked like on an actual back intead of a tattoo-ed stomach.

vintage tuxedo dress that looked really cute on a girl at misshapes but not neccessarily on me.

vintage bird tunic/dress thing. too over the top?

kind of costume-y but i bet it would have fit great.

category 4: i simply forgot to bid (most heartbreaking category)

cute rainbow sun dress i could've worn in the spring/summer : (

previous season marc by marc jacobs dress with lady faces on it!

fun vintage dress with blue birds on it.

sweet vintage bakelite anchor necklace.

previous season built by wendy puff sleeve sweater with the music to neil young's "tonight's the night."

the most perfect pair of vintage boots. i have yet to discover another pair of perfect vintage boots, and in my size.

vintage sailor shirt. looks very fred flare.

vintage nautical sailor dress with anchor buttons.

vintage babydoll sailboat dress (i would have shortened it). this one may also fall into the category of "what the hell would i wear this to."

vintage black lace nightgown i would have shortened. and worn a slip under.

vintage ribbon dress. i think i forgot to bid on this one.

cute vintage tie blouse with birds on it!

category 4: i'm an ebay seller and i should never have sold this because i lie awake at night dreaming about it

pink marc by marc jacobs heart flats

pretty vintage cocktail dress i would have absolutely no opportunity to wear anywhere because i don't get invited to cocktail parties.

dress i got at jet rag in los angeles and really regret selling.

one of my favorite thrift finds from a CHOC store which no longer exists. R.I.P. CHOC, i loved shopping in you.

it fit nicely.

another CHOC find. lovingly dubbed by my best friend cara (my lovely model) as "the wench dress."

vintage mondrian dress that fit me funny because i am too short.

the perfect LBD that i let go.

mustard yellow sweater that even my mom liked.

cute vintage flight attendant dress that i was adamant upon purchasing at buffalo exchange even though my friends told me not to.

airy and lightweight and would have been perfect for spring.

dress i made from an ugly pantsuit. it reminded me of a luella dress.