Thursday, March 27, 2008


last night, we went to the LA premiere of björk's new video for the song wanderlust -and it was short entirely in 3D. personally, i am quite a fan of anything 3D - pop-up books, imax films, and the like (not to mention the awesome 80's style 3D glasses that you can tuck away into your purse and sport as a fashion accessory).

i've even seen "sea monsters of the deep" in 3D, and let me tell you... i never thought i could be so terrified by IMAGES of sea monsters. they looked incredibly real. incrediby frightening.

so can you imagine being immersed in THIS world:

watch the preview (in 2D, sorry) here:

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Aahna said...

Oh my, i adooore bjork! i want to see the 3D video but at this moment i can`t. I heard that she is going to make a 3D movie, maybe only rumors. Love your blog! ciao!