Monday, January 28, 2008

ebay wishlist - 01/28/08

01. vintage 1960's faux fur toggle coat with a hood

looks so warm! i love the embroidered details and the hood.
02. 1950's black and white velvet satchel purse

this is sort of like what i want my luxurious velvet wallpaper to look like.
03. 1980's gold leaf sequined sweater

i am not normally a fan of 80's style but for some reason have recently been obsessed with sequins.
04. black and silver sequin flapper drop leaf dress

currently obsessed with sequins and always obsessed with leaf prints (see here). also i love the 30's inspired cut of the dress which might look questionably bad on my more than stick-shaped figure.
05. vintage black and white tuxedo dress

i love tuxedo dresses, and especially am fond of this particular one for its trompe l'oeil qualities. reminds me of the trenchcoat daryl hannah wore as elle driver in kill bill.

06. vintage black and white ruffle tuxedo dress

ANOTHER tuxedo dress? yes. i love the ruffled collar and pleating on the bodice, with the tulip cut skirt.
07. 1980's 9 west high button boots

cute cute cute 80's take on victorian boots. i would have bid on them but my feet are a cursed 1.5 sizes too small.
08. 1980's silver and gold bow sweater

well, i bought this gold bow belt off of ebay and am trying to find something to wear it with. but i am pretty sure wearing a gold bow belt with a gold bow sweater would probably be overkill, or stylish in an ironic way (see cory kennedy).
09. 1970's blue & red plaid dress

i think this dress is by gunne sax. i love the bright blue color, and am somewhat partial to plaid prints in colder months. maybe because it reminds me of flannel?
10. 1960's cream & pink carousel dress

so when i was young i used to collect these things called carousel ponies, were they were kind of like my little ponies but had giant poles sticking out through them like some kind of pony shish kebob. the more you collected, the larger your little horse carousel would be.

i don't collect carousel ponies anymore but am not beneath collecting clothes with carousel ponies on them.

11. 1960's navy fleur-de-lis skirt

i am reluctant to admit that i am somewhat of a francophile, but i guess that would be difficult to hide in this skirt. but i'm ok with that.
12. SWEET 1980's pink and gray polaroid cool cam

the best part is that it still takes 600 film. only downside is you might look like an ironic hipster carrying it around. but i'm ok with that.

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