Thursday, January 31, 2008

i'd like a time machine, so i can go back and live in the 60's

"This is a photo taken in the Summer of 1967 of me wearing one of my favourite Biba dresses. I still remember trying it on in Biba's communal changing room in Kensington Church Street, listening to Sergeant Pepper on the stereo. What an exciting time that was.

I particularly loved this dress because it was cut in such a way that it fitted my petite figure perfectly and the halter-neck style looked very flattering. I had never seen a dress like it before and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

I don't remember wearing this dress at any particular occasion, but I did go to a lot of parties with my friends that lovely summer and we often frequented the Café des Artistes in Chelsea and I would certainly have worn it there.

When I look at this photo now I think how lucky I was to have been 21 in the Summer of Love."

- karen keeble, as told to the v&a museum

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