Monday, February 18, 2008

ebay wishlist - 02/17/08

while everyone else is fawning over the latest fall 2008 fashion runways, i am actually looking back upon spring 2008 couture for inspiration - because...

a) let's face it, it is the ACTUAL next season and i'm obviously not wearing fall trends in 80-degree california spring weather;
b) the artist in me is much more inspired by the conceptuality of haute-couture than boring ready-to-wear; and
c) i love vintage and therefore am probably doomed to always be looking backwards instead of forwards.

with that said, my favorite looks for spring all seem to involve pretty dresses in sweet ruffles and sheer fabrics; then strangely, the absolute opposite - strong black and white matador-inspired looks; and lastly, glittery old-vegas-style metallics.

thusly, as i am hunting for next month's wardrobe additions on ebay ("shopping victoriously", you might say), these are the things that caught my little eye...

i lovelovelove the ruffle detail at the collar. subtle and you won't look like a guy in a bad 70's prom suit.

sometimes i like to go for understated sexy - where you show skin, but in subtle places. other times i just let the girls hang out, but that's not very couture is it?

thumbs up for overall pleating! if only i could pull off the drop waisted look... but at 5'3"? that is but wishful thinking.

this is what happens when a 70's sun dress and the whole barbarella 60's space-age-thing mate and have a cute, sparkly baby.

simple, fits nicely, and has cute lil' trim. (by the way, i hold mama stone vintage to blame for bringing the word "ll" back into ebay descriptive lexicon).

sort of björky-ish. but i'm okay with that.

a little more dramatic with the accordion-pleat ruffles... which makes it a perfect party dress! just don't wear it to dive bars.

adorable ruffling at the collar and bib. this is "hey i'm a guy in the 70's and this is my prom outfit" but then it's like "well i don't care what you guys think i'll wear what i want."

so this dress is sheer, but don't the bands of alternating non-sheer, solid stripe make you feel less exposed? isn't that strange??


sleepyhead said...

i love that all-over pleated dress as well. but, like you, i am on the shorter side. oh the banes of being short. lucky for you, it's still cold here on the east coast. i'm having to make due with my winter wardrobe. but reading your blog makes me think sunny thoughts!

Ranna said...

The björky-ish dress is my favourite! So cute.