Monday, February 11, 2008

thrift envy - "dreams of domesticity" edition

i am a terrible thrifter. you may or may not be shocked by the idea, as i sell vintage clothing for a (modest) living. but the fact is, i handpick those clothes from vintage stores, estate sales, flea markets, et al. for so high a price that i rarely ever turn much of a profit... but i digress.

the point is, southern californian thrift stores are so overpicked by vintage store buyers, antique store owners, and bargain hunters alike that it the treasured gems most people find at thrift stores are no longer in the store when i get there - probably sitting on a shelf in an overpriced boutique somewhere. that's why i love groups like nifty thrift on flickr and thriftwhore on livejournal - people from all around the world share pictures of the wonderful things that they find in thrift stores, usually for some ridiculously low price that makes me sort of sad and wish that i coud live in a place where i could find things like pucci dresses for $3 (oh, one can dream...) nevertheless, here are some things that i have fawned over from the aforementioned groups:

70's heart-shaped bed with BUILT-IN 8-TRACK PLAYER!

rainbows and clouds in the form of tall glasses and a soap dish

everyone loves thrifted cups and mugs, i like them too

novelty windmill-shaped salt and pepper shakers

that's it for now. more pictures of thrifted clothing, jewelry, and paintings that i wish were thrifted by and subsequently belong to me coming soon...


Madame Mode said...

yeah you are right! thriftstores in Holland are also getting more and more expensive and crowded..

The things you posted are really good finds indeed. I will photograph my
thrifted mugs soon! So keep an eye on my blog ;)

Leilani said...

I had that problem in LA too... there was a Goodwill right around the corner from my apartment though and I went often enough that I found quite a few dresses (that I wore rather than sold). I have to say that Chicago is a goldmine for thrifting though, I think I probably thrift WAY too much here. :)